Whippets et Halloween : gros plan d'un Whippet bleu et blanc entouré de 2 citrouilles illuminées par des bougies aux visages effrayants. En arrière plan des silhouettes d'arbres morts, un ciel sombre mais lumineux derrière le Whippet. Des feuilles mortes tournoient tout autour de lui.
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Whippets and Halloween

Whippets and Halloween or when our favorite sighthounds meet an age-old tradition!

That’s right, it’s almost Halloween! So let’s lighten up a bit 😉 Halloween is a traditional pagan folk festival originating in the British Isles. It’s celebrated on October 31, the day before the Catholic feast of All Saints. Its name is a contraction of the English « All Hallows’ Eve » or « the Eve of All Hallows ».

Originally called « Samhain » or « Samain » by the Celts, this celebration marked the end of summer and the beginning of winter darkness. This was a time when the boundary between the world of the living and the dead became more tenuous and was a kind of New Year’s Eve.

Today, the tradition has been transformed into a festivity where young and old (especially in English-speaking countries) dress up and go trick-or-treating. Halloween is that mysterious, phantasmagorical time of year when our pumpkins turn into lamps and our dogs, those faithful friends, become… monsters?! Well, not quite. If you have a Whippet, that sweet, slender creature, you know it’s more likely to curl up in a blanket than turn into a terrifying beast! So how do you combine the spirit of Halloween with the elegance of a Whippet? Yes, how do our faithful canine friends fit into this folkloric picture?

Hold on to your hats, dear Whipsters, because we’re about to merge the majesty of the Whippet with the magic of Halloween!

1. Why are Whippets perfect for Halloween?

With their expressive eyes and svelte silhouette, Whippets have that ability to be both mysterious and charming. This combination makes them perfect for a party that balances darkness and light.

With their calm, contemplative nature, Whippets are like bridges between our everyday world and the mystical world of Halloween. They remind us that behind every shadow, there is light, and behind every fear, there is love.

2. Scare stories: Whippets and urban legends

There’s an old legend that at midnight on Halloween night, all the Whippets in the world gather for a ghostly race under the moonlight. Zoom, zoom! Whoever wins becomes the « Supreme Ghost Whippet » for the coming year. Of course, this legend is totally made up (by me, just now), but you must admit that the idea of a horde of Whippets running around like ghosts is both terrifying and hilarious!

3. Halloween costumes for Whippets? Yes, but with style!

A gray and white Whippet wearing a pointed black hat and orange cape. Pumpkins behind him. The sky is dark and threatening and, at the same time, bright.

The Whippet, with its graceful curves and slender stature, is like a mannequin on four legs. So why not take the opportunity to dress him up in something original? Let’s explore some other costumes that would perfectly match their personality:

  • The Mummy Whippet:  With a few strips of white fabric, transform your Whippet into a mummy straight out of an Egyptian tomb. And for a touch of humor, don’t forget the little strip that trails behind him as he runs!
  • Whippet witch: A pointy hat, a little cape and your Whippet is ready to cast spells. Let’s just hope he doesn’t turn treats into kibble!
  • Ghost Whippet: A light sheet, two eyeholes and a ghost ready to haunt your living room.
  • The Alien Whippet: With antennae and a silver outfit, he’d be straight out of another galaxy.

4. Halloween activities for your Whippet

  • Treasure hunt: Hide special dog treats in the garden, in your house or apartment, and let your Whippet find them.
  • Horror movie marathon: Wrap yourself in a blanket and watch your favorite Halloween movies.
  • Costume parade: Organize a parade with other neighborhood dog owners.

5. Tips for a successful Halloween party with your Whippet

  • Safety first: Make sure your Whippet is safe, away from toxic treats like chocolate. And watch out for accessible decorations that could be swallowed! As a reminder ➡️ https://passion-whippet.com/toxic-food-and-plants-for-whippets/#toxic-for-whippets. Candy and certain costumes can pose risks. Make sure that everything within your Whippet’s reach is safe for him and keep him well leashed.
  • Special treats: Why not prepare some special treats for your Whippet? Pumpkin cookies or dehydrated meat treats will delight your companion.
  • A photo shoot: Take the opportunity to immortalize your Whippet in his Halloween costume. Share your shots on social networks with the hashtag #WhippetHalloween to join the community of Whippet and Halloween lovers.

6. Whippets and pumpkins: an unexpected friendship!

Pumpkins aren’t just for humans! Did you know that pumpkin flesh (without the seeds and seasoning) can be beneficial for Whippets? It’s rich in fiber and can help regulate their digestion. Just imagine your Whippet, dressed as a vampire, enjoying a little pumpkin puree. If that’s not a Halloween combo, I don’t know what is!

Whippets and Halloween : portrait of agrey and white Whippet, with a witch's hat on his head. It's surrounded by pumpkins, 2 of which are lit from within and have demonic faces cut out. The background is dark, but light filters through behind a curtain at the back of the Whippet. Dead leaves fly all around him.


The union of our Whippets with the Halloween tradition reminds us of the special role these greyhounds play in our lives. They bring light, joy and mystery to every moment. Celebrate this fusion this year by making Halloween a memorable holiday for you and your Whippet.

So, are you ready to celebrate Halloween with your Whippet? Whether he’s dressed as a ghost, a witch or even a pumpkin, one thing’s for sure: your favorite greyhound will bring a touch of originality and sweetness to the party. Don’t forget to show us your creations and share your Halloween adventures with your Whippet! After all, who says ghosts can’t have four legs and a snout? 🎃🐾

A final reminder:

I didn’t want to talk too much about dangers and stress, but rather to stay in the festive spirit. But, of course, your Whippet’s well-being always comes first. If he’s shy, uncomfortable with crowds, noise and lights, common sense must prevail. Be reasonable and responsible. Respect your Whippet’s character.

Feel free to comment, share and, most importantly, celebrate big with your Whippet! Happy Halloween to all 🎃!

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