5 surprising things about Whippets! A white Whippet is posing for a photograph against turquoise wallpaper, in the style of classical figurative realism, light gold and gray, arabesque.
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5 surprising things about Whippets!

Even if you already know them😉

Elegant, fast, and breathtakingly beautiful. The Whippet is a majestic, delicate-looking dog with a heart as big as this.

If you’re here, you’re probably already a fan of the breed. But no matter how familiar you are with the Whippet, there are always a few surprises in store. So, get ready to be amazed by these five incredible facts! Let’s dive into their world and discover five amazing facts about Whippets! I don’t know about you, but I’m curious! So, let’s get started!

5 surprising things about Whippets! A black athlete, like Usain Bolt,  and a brown Whippet seeming to emerge from his body, in an giant outdoor stadium, at night, bright light behind them.

Okay, maybe that’s an exaggeration 😉 However, when you think of a Whippet, the word « fast » surely comes to mind. But do you know just how fast they are?

Zoom onto the track! Here’s one of 5 surprising things about Whippets. A Whippet can reach a speed of 56 kilometers per hour (35 miles per hour) in a matter of seconds. Yes, that’s right! That’s almost as fast as some city cars. In fact, for comparison’s sake, it’s faster than the speed limit in town! But how can that be? Take a close look: its long, slender legs, powerful back and aerodynamic size make it a perfect racing machine. But beyond its speed, it’s also its ability to start sprinting almost instantly that’s impressive. And they are, indeed, exceptional sprinters.

5 surprising things about Whippets! A beige Whippet lying comfy on a yellow cover on a bed. Behind, blurred, paintings on the light blue wall, shelves, vases and lamps.

As fast and energetic as they can be outdoors, Whippets are also known to be real indoor dogs. In fact, he’s a real slacker at home. After a mad dash or a walk, the Whippet will always prefer to curl up on a cozy sofa or under a blanket. As a result, he loves to snuggle up on the sofa, often in a strange position, and many hilarious photos are circulating on the networks 🤣 And because this tendency to lounge around is so pronounced in Whippets, it’s not uncommon to find your Whippet under the blankets and sheets with you!

A little cozy advice: If you’re thinking of adopting a Whippet, make sure you have a comfortable spot for him. He’ll thank you with loads of cuddles!

A white Whippet posing in front of an Egyptian pyramid.

The Whippet has English roots, doesn’t it? Well, yes, but if we go further back in time, there’s evidence that dogs resembling Whippets were present… in ancient Egypt! Depictions of dogs strongly resembling Whippets, or greyhounds (okay 😉) have been discovered in ancient Egyptian artefacts. These dogs were probably the ancestors of the Whippets and were just as likely prized for their speed. Although their direct link with the modern Whippet is not clearly established, these images suggest, at any rate, that humans have long appreciated dogs of this shape and size.

Whippets are often chosen as pets because of their gentle, affectionate nature. They are exceptionally sensitive dogs, not only to temperatures (due to their low body fat), but also to the emotions of the people around them.

A portrait of a white sensitive Whippet wearing a luxury collar.

A Whippet will often detect when you are feeling sad or depressed and will come to you to offer comfort. Indeed, these dogs very often sense mood changes around them, and will always be there if you’re feeling sad or very tired. This is why they are sometimes used as therapy dogs. More common in English-speaking countries than in France. Let’s hope it develops a little more very soon.

What’s more, their thin skin makes them more sensitive to the cold than other breeds. That’s why you’ll often see Whippets wearing coats in the colder months or snoods to protect their long necks and, above all, their thin ears.

Well-being tip: Always treat your Whippet with gentleness and love. He’ll feel it and repay you a hundredfold!

A Whippet sitting on a red leather sofa, in a contemporary flat, views of modern buildings in the distance

Here, at last, is the last of the 5 surprising things about Whippets… Despite their need to run regularly, Whippets are surprisingly well adapted to life in a flat. They are generally calm indoors and don’t tend to bark for no reason. What’s more, their modest size makes them manageable even in smaller spaces. If they get regular exercise and the opportunity to run at full throttle from time to time, they’re perfectly happy to relax by your side. Read my previous article ➡️Do Whippets make good apartment dogs? to find out more.

So, there you have it, dear Whipsters, the Whippet is a dog full of surprises! These 5 surprising things about Whippets are quite something, aren’t they?! I hope you’ve learned a few new and exciting facts about this wonderful breed. Isn’t it time to go give your Whippet a big cuddle (or adopt one if you don’t have one yet)? Because whether you’ve been a fan for a long time or are just discovering the breed, there’s always something new to learn about these magnificent creatures. And, who knows, maybe one day a Whippet will add some magic to your life? 🐾

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