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Hello everyone !

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English version :

I quickly realised that there are many non-French speakers who want to discover my content. So I decided to translate some of my articles into English. I will try, as far as possible, to create an English version. I hope to satisfy some English speaking friends and share my passion for the Whippet with even more people!

Welcome to Passion-Whippet.com, a website specially dedicated to the Whippet sighthound !

Answers to all your questions about the Whippet :

Passion-Whippet was created with Whippet owners, or future owners, in mind. To help you get to know the breed, learn how to care for it, train it and simply love it !

Since I have owned a Whippet, I have always found it difficult to find useful information about the breed.

Most of the information available is of poor quality and/or inaccurate. Finally, the advice is just not practical.

This forced me to do endless Google searches before I finally found the answers I was looking for.

Many Whippet owners are faced with this difficult task on a regular basis. So I decided to create a website. Now I can exchange with other Whippet owners, or future owners, across the French-speaking world, and even the world.

Passion-Whippet is here to help Whippet owners or future owners to take care of their Whippet by providing them with as many answers to their questions as possible. Those who are curious about the breed are also welcome 😉

A little clarification…

As you may have realised, this blog is under construction.

But, don’t hesitate to like, to subscribe, to share if you want to encourage me. The site will improve day by day so please be patient! And long live the Whippets !
And friends, tell me what you think. Don’t hesitate to write to me, to ask me questions, to ask me to write about a subject that interests you, to interact with me via the form in the « CONTACT » tab. So, see you soon !


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