Do Whippets make good apartment dogs? A white Whippet in a bright modern apartment staring at us.
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Do Whippets make good apartment dogs?

Finding a dog suitable for apartment living can be a challenge, as some dogs are simply too big, while many small dogs can be too noisy and/or energetic for apartment life. Does the Whippet make a good apartment dog?

Unquestionably, Whippets make fantastic apartment dogs. If you’re a tenant, your landlord will quickly be convinced and will adopt your adorable companion. Or if you’re a future Whippet owner living in an apartment, you’ll find some answers here, including this one: when do Whippets calm down?

Whippets’ calm nature means they enjoy relaxing on the sofa with their owner. They’re easy to care for and shed very little. This makes your apartment much easier to maintain. And your sofa won’t be covered in hair because your Whippet is lying on it.

We’ll now explore why the Whippet is an excellent apartment dog.

An adult Whippet can be left alone in an apartment for up to eight hours a day, although this is not recommended.

Prolonged periods of solitude can lead to extreme behavioral changes in your Whippet, including separation anxiety and accidents in the house (peeing, messing, self-mutilation…).

This is even truer with a puppy. Puppies need more attention and affection until they reach adulthood. He also needs to be walked more frequently to relieve himself, something you don’t want to find every time you return home.

If you’re often away from home for long periods each day, a young Whippet may not be the best choice for you. However, if you have a spouse, friend or neighbor who can look after your dog when you’re away, that can help.

If you also take a few precautions, things can go just as well. Make sure your Whippet has enough space to rest and relax comfortably. Install interactive toys to stimulate his mind and provide distraction. Make sure your apartment is secure enough to prevent him from escaping.

If you’re still wondering at what age Whippets calm down, it can vary from dog to dog. But in general, Whippets start to become calmer around the age of two. Obviously, some individuals may take a little longer to reach this phase.

Yes, Whippets are lean and muscular. Yes, they love to run. But no, Whippets don’t need more exercise. Contrary to popular belief, Whippets don’t require more exercise than other dogs of similar size. Although they love to run, they don’t need several hours of running a day.

For young Whippets, it’s important to get out and about more often. They have small bladders and need to relieve themselves outside every three hours or so. But not too much exercise – at their age, it’s still bad for them. Older Whippets, on the other hand, have a larger bladder and need to relieve themselves less frequently.

All in all, a Whippet needs about an hour’s exercise a day, but it’s always possible to offer more if you wish and can. Just make sure you provide enough exercise and social interaction outside the apartment. And on weekends, consider taking your Whippet for walks or runs, or organizing games and activities with other dogs in a park or fenced-in area.

Whippets are very sociable dogs that enjoy the company of humans and other pets.

They get on very well with other dogs and are perfect for getting other breeds into shape, as they love to run and play all day long. My Pimprenelle gets on very well with almost all animals.

Do Whippets make good apartment dogs? 2 whippets sleeping together pressed up against each other on a comfortable sofa.

However, if you have cats or rabbits, it’s best to be careful as Whippets have a strong hunting instinct and can be dangerous to small prey. For Whippets to get along with cats, it’s important to introduce them slowly and in a controlled environment. And be careful not to leave them alone together too soon, unless you’re prepared for a nasty surprise, or even disaster…

If you already have cats or rabbits, it may be best not to choose a young Whippet as a pet. It would be preferable to choose an older, mature Whippet who will be less likely to chase prey animals. That said, I have plenty of examples around me where Whippets and cats make excellent pets!

Living with a Whippet is fun for the whole family, as they are also very compatible with children and are perfect for keeping them occupied.

It’s hard to believe, but Whippets are extremely calm and quiet dogs. My Pimprenelle rarely barks.

Whippets have a changeable temperament. They can be very active and playful at times, and then quickly move on to a calm and peaceful stage, which means they can relax and rest indoors without becoming bored or agitated.

This makes them an excellent choice of dog for an apartment, as they won’t disturb the neighbors with incessant barking.

Whippets are dogs who like to relax and unwind, as we’ve already mentioned.

That’s why they’re perfectly suited to apartment living, as they won’t be constantly agitated and start destroying carpets, curtains, or sofas.

What’s more, Whippets are intelligent and easily trainable animals. They are well suited to life in an apartment, as they can be trained to behave appropriately indoors. This means they can learn not to jump on furniture or chew on objects within reach of their mouths.

Just make sure you give your Whippet enough daily exercise and avoid leaving him alone for too long. That way you’ll end up with a relaxed Whippet who’ll enjoy snuggling up to you on the sofa more than anything else in the world.

Whippets love their own personal space. Although some people are against it, it’s a place that often reassures him and helps him relax in peace. So why not give it a try? If you want to kown more, go to see my previous article entitled Crate or no crate for my Whippet.

Do Whippets make good apartment dogs? A Whippet sleeping close to a child, only their heads remain visible under the blanket

Our friends the Whippets are great companions for children. Playful and affectionate, they crave attention and affection, which children are often happy to provide.

If you have children in your apartment and are afraid to take on a dog, Whippets are an excellent choice. Small and light, they get on well with children and other pets.

As a rule, Whippets adapt perfectly to family life with children. They are incredibly gentle and affectionate dogs who understand that children are more vulnerable than adults.

Having a Whippet to entertain children is a great idea: playing with them keeps them entertained, and the Whippet will also be happy to peacefully fall asleep with them for a good night’s sleep.

Whippets have soft, smooth coats that are generally very short. This short coat does not require much maintenance. This means they don’t shed as much as other breeds, and don’t need to be brushed often.

Whippets are perfect for apartment living, as they don’t leave much hair on the sofa and don’t require constant cleaning.

These little greyhounds are also an excellent option for allergy sufferers, as they don’t shed much. So, allergy sufferers shouldn’t be affected as much, if at all.

Keeping an apartment clean can be difficult, but with a Whippet, you won’t need to make much effort. All you must do is give him a bath now and then, and all will be well.

You can also choose to take your companion to the groomer occasionally.

In short, Whippets make perfect apartment dogs.

Whippets are perfectly capable of learning to keep to themselves. They have a calm energy. They rarely bark and are very calm, especially if you give them an hour’s outdoor exercise a day so they can get enough exercise.

Whippets require very little maintenance and shed very little.

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