Artificial intelligence and Whippets: watercolour-style illustration of a Whippet created by AI.
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Artificial Intelligence and Whippets

Hello dear Whipsters!

Today I’d like to talk about a lighter subject (or not 😉). In any case, it’s been in the news a lot lately. And many of us have already heard about it without really knowing what it’s all about: Artificial Intelligence (AI). But what does this have to do with the Whippet?

In fact, nothing at all. Or rather, on the contrary, everything. AI is gradually invading our daily lives. And all sectors, whether they affect us directly or indirectly, have, or will have, to do with Artificial Intelligence, including those that affect our Whippets.

What is Artificial Intelligence ?

Artificial intelligence refers to a method that seeks to reproduce human intellectual capacities. It uses algorithms designed and implemented in a constantly evolving computer context. The underlying aim of AI is to enable computers to simulate human thinking and actions.

However, to think of AI as an ‘intelligent human’ is to misunderstand it and what it is capable of. Because we can no more understand AI’s thinking than a dog can understand ours.

Artificial intelligence and Whippets: Andy Warhol-style illustration of a Whippet created by AI.

Against a backdrop of relentless technological progress, AI has already emerged. It is transforming all sectors, including the canine sphere, and therefore that of our Whippets!  Its integration into the heart of our daily routine has opened exceptional horizons. As a result, it was inevitable that AI would also extend into the realm of our faithful four-legged companions. It has already transformed the lives of our canine friends. And, in the very near future, it will continue to deploy a range of applications designed to optimize their well-being, communication and health, among other things.

AI is already changing dogs’ lives:

Will artificial intelligence become an assistant to vets?

Many people will remember this extraordinary story: Sassy, a dog who was saved thanks to her owner’s use of ChatGPT4, the conversational robot based on Artificial Intelligence.

Artificial intelligence and Whippets: Art Nouveau-style illustration of a Whippet created by AI.

Sassy had fallen seriously ill with a tick infection. The vet gave her a treatment that seemed to help at first, but her condition soon deteriorated again. And, despite numerous tests, the vet seemed powerless. Sassy’s owner didn’t give up. He decided to use ChatGPT4. The AI immediately offered him several diagnoses, which were submitted to a new vet. And among them, the solution is found. Sassy is saved!

We can see here that while AI cannot replace a professional, it can provide effective assistance. Of course, it doesn’t work every time. But, over time, things get better and better.

The possibilities offered by AI:

AI opens a wide range of possibilities for dogs and for our Whippets. It can improve their quality of life and their interaction with the world around them. Here are some of the opportunities that AI is already bringing to dogs:

1.           Health and wellbeing monitoring:

AI-powered devices, such as connected collars and mobile apps, can monitor dogs’ health by collecting and analyzing data such as their physical activity, heart rate and sleep patterns. This helps owners and vets to quickly detect any emerging health issues.

2.           Enhanced communication:

AI-based natural language processing technologies have the potential to interpret dogs’ vocal and body signals. In this way, owners would be able to better understand their Whippets’ needs and respond more appropriately to their emotions and requests.

Imagine, for example, an AI-powered interpreter to facilitate communication between you and your Whippets! That way, there would be no language barrier to hinder your mutual understanding.

3.           Customized training:

Machine learning applications are used to develop bespoke training programs for dogs, and for our Whippets. By analyzing individual behaviour and reactions, AI helps to create more effective training methods tailored to each dog’s personality.

4.           Advanced medical diagnosis:

As we saw in the Sassy example earlier, AI can support vets by quickly analyzing medical data. It can also provide more accurate diagnostic recommendations. This will lead to faster and more targeted medical interventions.

5.           Interactive toys and entertainment:

Intelligent AI-based toys provide interactive play experiences for dogs. This stimulates their mental and physical activity even when their owners are not present.

6.           Prevention of dangerous situations:

AI-based monitoring systems can alert owners when their dogs are in potentially dangerous situations. This is true if they escape from the house or show signs of distress.

7.           Assistance for people with disabilities:

For people with special needs, assistance dogs equipped with AI-related technologies will offer even more sophisticated support, helping visually impaired people navigate safely, for example.

Clearly, the prospects offered by AI for dogs are extremely vast. In fact, they offer colossal potential for development.

Comic book-style illustration of a Whippet created by AI.

What future for our Whippets with AI?

The advent of AI around the world is also emerging in the canine world.

New applications are emerging and our companions, like us, are becoming increasingly « connected ». AI has already profoundly transformed the way humans care for and interact with dogs. As AI technology continues to evolve rapidly, the opportunities for innovation in AI for dogs seem truly limitless.

Artificial limbs or prostheses created by AI are likely to restore mobility to our disabled Whippets soon. This would give them a new lease of life and independence.

Figurative-style illustration of a Whippet created by AI.

Similarly, AI-assisted interaction systems will probably reduce loneliness and anxiety among our Whippets ( An American start-up is promising a robotic dog-sitter for our pets. This will significantly improve their emotional well-being and psychological balance.

Finally, many scientific institutions are aiming to minimize the suffering imposed on animals by gradually replacing animal experiments with approaches incorporating artificial intelligence. So, in the not-too-distant future, research laboratories will probably stop using vulnerable animals for experimentation.


So, is Artificial intelligence and Whippets about to revolutionize our habits? It already seems to be on the way, and this new business is already enjoying undeniable success. What’s more, we’re always ready to spend more to ensure the well-being of our Whippets and other animals. But above all, let’s not forget the human element in the whole process. Let’s stay close to our Whiwhis!

In this world of progress where everything seems to be becoming impersonal, I also wanted to test AI. However, I preferred to have a bit of fun with it and chose to combine art with our Whippets.

So, throughout this article, I’ll give you a few examples of illustrations created using artificial intelligence.

Let me know what you think (in comments or in the « CONTACT » tab)! And I hope I’ve caught your interest with this subject, which is a bit different from the ones I usually cover 😉Don’t hesitate to like and share this article!

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